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Please find here details of the range of Dancewear and Uniform required by all DAPA pupils and students. An order form is available for when you need to purchase new items.

We are constantly striving to improve and streamline the range, not only to include new products recently discovered, but also to ensure value for money. For instance, the new skirted leotards for younger ballet pupils not only look better but by combining the skirt and the leotard together in one, actually work out cheaper! We buy in bulk directly from the manufacturers and wholesalers and are therefore always be cheaper than local dancewear shops. (When we make changes to the uniform we understand that not everyone will adopt the new styles immediately – we know that current items have to be grown out of!)

Send your orders by email to admin@dapa.co.uk
or post to:

Sarah Dean,
1 Erin Cottages,
Well Lane,
St Margarets-at-Cliffe,
Dover, Kent
CT15 6AA

In case you need to contact her, Sarah’s telephone number is 07963 029441

Finally, please remember we ask that all dancewear should be paid for by separate cheque made payable to DAPA Shows Ltd, and not included on a cheque with payments for fees, summer schools or any other DAPA products or activities.

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If you have any queries please use our contact form or other contact details

DAPA - Dean Academy of Performing Arts
1 Erin Cottages, Well Lane
St Margarets-at-Cliffe
Dover, CT15 6AA
07963 029441

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