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A two-year course encompassing dance, drama, and singing to prepare students for successful application to full-time training establishments.

The immense efforts required by DAPA graduates to secure places at college made us realise the need for a course of training specifically geared to the needs of those DAPA students intending to pursue a career on the stage or in dance and drama education. Places on the Vocational Course are limited in number and offered only to those students most likely to benefit from the training. DAPA has unique connections with the professional theatre, and these contacts are exploited to benefit students in the achievement of their goal of joining the ranks of working professional performers.

In additional to advance study in ballet, tap and modern dance, students study drama and singing. Advice is given in audition technique, grooming and preparation for life at college.

Vocational students have free access to all DAPA classes and are expected to continue their individual studies of all the various disciplines. Vocational students are featured in all stage presentations, spend work experience at DAPA or in allied theatrical establishments, observe London professional auditions, and gain insights into the life of the working professional performer.

Vocational students work with a range of theatre practitioners, receiving one-to-one training from experts in the field. In their final year students will be given advice on college selection, the preparation of CVs and assistance with their applications. A top professional photographer will provide them with their all important head-shots.

It took ten years for DAPA students to secure places at Britain’s top Dance and Drama Colleges. In 2014 we had eight successful applications – this year we have another six! The DAPA Vocational Course ensures that all gifted and determined students achieve their ambitions.

If you would like details of The DAPA Vocational Course, please speak to Sarah Dean.

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