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Excluding Uniform Orders

  1. All payments to DAPA must be paid via internet banking with the correct reference or posted in the DAPA post-box at the studio along with your invoice slip.
  2. Cheques for the payment of Fees must be accompanied by the Invoice Slip (found at the bottom of the invoice) with the student’s name clearly written on the envelope.
  3. DAPA cannot accept cheques that are not accompanied by the correct paperwork.
  4. In order to answer payment queries, track lost cheques etc please use separate cheques for separate payments, ie do not mix Class Fees with uniform, DVDs, workshops, tickets or any other payments. Parents with more than one child at DAPA may aggregate all their children’s fees on one cheque.
  5. Forms, cheques and cash should never be handed to class teachers.
  6. Classes must be registered before the start of the term, by sending an email to admin@dapa.co.uk Payments are due two weeks after receiving your invoice. Fees may be paid in two instalments by enclosing two cheques, one dated for the commencement of the term and the second post-dated for half term.
  7. The twelve week term is the minimum payment that pupils must pay. No deductions can be made against the full term’s fee for classes missed for any reason, other than in the case of pupils joining part way through a term (see #12 below).
  8. Class Fees that remain unpaid by half term result in a reminder being sent and incur an administration charge of £10.00 which is added to the outstanding fees. Pupils whose fees remain unpaid by the end of the term are not invited to continue at DAPA.
  9. Cheques that are returned by the Bank incur a charge of £4.00, to reimburse the charge that the Bank makes to us.
  10. Until you have formally registered your classes at admin@dapa.co.uk the student’s record on our database is not activated, which can result in vital information or notice of forthcoming events not being received.
  11. New pupils have their first lesson in a class free of charge. All subsequent classes must be paid for.
  12. For pupils and students joining DAPA part way through a term, we will your fees by dividing the Term Fee by twelve and multiplying by the number of classes that remain (excluding the first complimentary lesson).
  13. Parents who wish to make cash payments must call Sarah Dean on 07963 029441 to make the necessary arrangements.


If you have any queries please use our contact form or other contact details

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